Luxury Caribbean Yacht Charter boats are luxuriously furnished and fully equipped. The crew on this luxury motor yachts takes care of absolutely everything on board. All you need to do is relax and have fun on your unforgettable holiday.

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Caribbean Motor Yachts in our charter offer are fast, comfortable and don't require great navigating experience and skills. If you are looking for good times and comfort at sea on Caribbean Power boats, they are the right choice for you.

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Caribbean Sailing vacations boat charter is ment for more experienced yachtmen. Sailing the Caribbean is choice of those who look for a more active time at sea and who consider saling sensation to be more important than comfort.

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Caribbean Catamaran charters are a special type of sailboats. Caribbean Catamarans have two hulls they are more stabile and spacious than monohulls. They provide excellent sailing sensation in addition to great comfort.

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Motor Sailers Caribbean charter besides pleasant ambience and unique sensation of sailing on a wooden motor sailer, these ships are fully crewd so you don't have to worry about absolutely anything on board.

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Gulets Caribbean charter are a special category of motor sailers. This type of boat is built like traditional Turkish trading ship, varying in size from 14 to 35 meters (up to 20 berths) and it is very popular for tourist charters.

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Remarkable, luxury and fast Ribs for rent in Caribbean.

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Mini Cruisers in Caribbean for charter are great way to explore Adriatic coast

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Caribbean... one of the most wonderful sailing and holiday destinations in the world, a place of perpetual spring and stunning sights.

Caribbean are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, made of crystal waters, palm and coconut trees and endless miles of soft, white sand. Discover some of world’s most interesting diving spots, coral reefs, caves, wrecks and underwater worlds, enjoy Caribbean entertainment, sports, culture, history, traditions, gastronomy and scenery, and feel the rhythm and energy of these tempting and inviting islands.

There is no better way to truly learn what these islands are all about, than from aboard a yacht. Sailing around, discovering secluded beaches and bays in the warm sun, sipping cocktails, swimming in the clear blue waters and relaxing your body and mind in the easygoing atmosphere of everyday lifestyle – isn’t it a perfect way to spend the winter?


Caribbean Yacht Charter is a successful and professional travel agency, specialised in yacht charter and trade, conducting business since 2003. Our offer includes more than 350 of all types of vessels – Caribbean motor yachts, Caribbean sailing boats, Caribbean catamarans, Caribbean custom boats, Caribbean motor sailers, Luxury yachts Caribbean – for bareboat, skippered or fully crewed charter.

Lately, we have given a lot of attention to other WorldWide yacht charter markets, where we have achieved remarkable success.

About our services

About the services offered by Yacht Charter Turkey

Caribbean Yacht charter is a professional and well organised charter company with 350 top class and fully equipped sailing boats, motor yachts, luxury mega yachts and cruising motor-sail vessels. Our primary job is chartering but we also offer brokerage, advertising and much more...

Things to do...

Things to do in the Caribbean

There are many ways to have some quality time in the Caribbean. Beside sailing around and relaxing on the beaches, there are numerous things to do to truly feel like you are in the Caribbean. Read more...

Places To Go...

Thousands of Caribbean islands and islets

Thousands of Caribbean islands and islets preserve places of unspoiled nature, authentic surroundings and tourist resorts. In this diversity there are so many places for visitors to discover, feel and enjoy. Read more...

Useful information

Useful inforamtion about the Caribbean

Travelling to a foreign country, even to an idyllic place like the Caribbean, requires certain preparations. Getting to know the local customs, rules and regulations before setting off is always a good idea. Read more...

Yacht charter

About yacht charters in the Caribbean

Caribbean Yacht Charter's primary activity is chartering. Some boats are the property of our agency, some are in our charter management program, but for most boats we work as agents for other providers. more

Yacht brokerage

About broker services in yacht trade

Our agency offers you broker services in yacht trade. We are specialised in sale and purchase of new and used boats, motor and sailing yachts of all sizes. Due to our longterm experience and expertise you can rely on us to provide you with a quality support and advice. more


About crewing services

Most of our guests aren’t experiences yachtsmen capable of driving the boat themselves. Many of them don’t want to drive the boat because they want to relax and not to worry about anything. In that case, hire a skipper. Most larger yachts are available for crewed charter only, but if they are not mandatory, we will hire them at your request. more


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Our main activities are charter and selling boats, and everything related.
In addition to that, we offer you the possiblity to advertise on our web site, through banners, link exchange or in the boats for sale section. more

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